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über Dich ..: Established in 2009, Jiangyin Chenglion Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for Silicon Steel Sheets.
We produce different sizes of standard and non-standard series single phase EI lamination, 3 phase EI sheets, UI lamination.
Our products are widely used for electronic transformers, ballasts, inductor, electric reactor, etc.
Our Certificate:SGS, ROHS
The company has introduced a dozen of fully automatic high-speed punching machines, which can produce high quality products at lower cost.
With stable quality, competitive prices and professional experience, we have won an excellent reputation and established good relationships with our clients.
Pre-production samples can be provided for testing before mass production.
After production finished, we have experienced exporting team handing the delivery.
You could let us know any problem you have about delivery or products quality.UI Lamination Cold Rolled Sheet suppliers
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